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For the first time in India, Tata Indicom brings you "Instachat", an easy and efficient way to communicate with friends, family and associates at the press of a button.
  • Using Instachat you can speak to a group of up-to 29 people by dialing a single number.
  • Create up-to 10 groups of 30 members each (including you)
To get started with Instachat, you can either subscribe through SMS by sending "ACT INSTACHAT" to 121 or call 121 requesting for service activation.

Groups can be created either by SMS or by logging into Instachat website. Once a group is created, you will receive an SMS with a Group Name and Group dial-out number. Save this dial-out number into your contacts and reach this group instantly.

             Login FAQ's

  1. Type "C <GRP NAME> <PHONE NUMBER1> <PHONE NUMBER2> ..." and send SMS to 58210.

  2. Example: C Cricket 9232334544 9234345425 02266615152 and send SMS to 58210.

  3. Group Call Back Number will be sent via SMS.
  4. Dial the Group Call Back Number to reach that group instantly.
  1. Go to the website www.tataindicom.com/instachat
  2. Login with mobile number as ID and the 6-digits password sent via SMS at the time of service activation.
  3. Create contact list by selecting “New Contacts” tab above and Create groups by Selecting “New Group” tab.
  4. Instachat system creates the group and informs the Group Call Back Number via SMS.
  5. Dial the Group Call Back Number to reach that group instantly.
  6. New Password can be obtained by selecting “Forgot Password” button on the Login Screen.


Click Here to Instachat Web Login

  1. Download blackberry application:
  2. On the Blackberry internet browser access the website www.tinyurl.com/instachatbb and download the client application.
  3. Group calling from Blackberry.
    • Open the Instachat application
    • Select desired list of contacts
    • From the Options menu/button and choose "Conference"
    • Respond with "Yes" when asked to continue
    • Instachat system dials all contacts and joins them in the group call
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